Ucon Creative Vr Platforms to Teach Students

Are you looking for online educational opportunities for your child? The Ucon Creative platform offers a wide range of Metaverse courses that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Help students learn regardless of their location with Ucon Creative’s Metaverse educational programs: EduCore, Taekwon Master and JobTeacher. These platforms help to close educational gaps all over the world.

Could your student benefit from online courses or vocational training? Online education and metaverse interaction have increased rapidly during the global recent times and have shown that high-quality educational experiences can take place in the digital world.

However, the provision of equipment for metaverse education is a problem, as are the incongruities between direct and indirect teaching. In response, Ucon Creative has developed 3 virtual reality products that address these issues. Let’s take a look at it!

EduCore is an educational platform for Metaverse
Does your child want to attend a course that his school does not offer? Perhaps you’d rather study at home than in a body classroom. The EduCore metaverse platform from Ucon Creative offers your child these options.

This Metaverse educational program aims to simplify the Metaverse educational options. It hopes to connect current online education programs with its platform and bring virtual reality learning options to more regions and income levels.

In addition, EduCore has the potential to provide better educational opportunities in regions around the world. In fact, it is an exciting development that offers improvements at the industry level.

In addition, the courses include social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, as well as arts and physics management. Some specific courses are economics, humanism, sports, dance, physics, painting, etc.

EduCore offers a self-directed learning design based on 24-hour communication with AI teachers. The company cooperates with the Korea National Standards (KS) for educational Metaverse services. It also cooperates with the Korea Standardization Association (KSA) and strives to comply with international standards (ISO).

A teacher trains people with intellectual disabilities
The Ucon Creative working professor uses both VR and AR technology to provide reality experiences to people with intellectual disabilities. These metaversal educational programs ensure both daily life and professional training.

The training lessons for daily life include such skills as tidying up, cooking, ordering and arithmetic. With the help of a headset, students gain repeated practical experience in performing these tasks.

Subsequently, vocational training courses teach students how to perform tasks in a working environment. Thus, students learn such things as preheating a stove, adding syrup to coffee, using office equipment.