See Kimos the Bottle That Boils Water in Minutes

Boil water during the hike with the battery-powered Kimos thermos. It makes the water hot enough to pour coffee or tea in just a few minutes.
Boil water everywhere if you have the battery-powered Kimos thermos. This self-heating thermos holds 360 ml of water and brings it to full boiling temperature in just 3 minutes.

Have you ever wanted a quick and portable way to boil water? Maybe you want to make coffee for pouring during a hike or make formula for your baby or toddler on the go.

In these matters, you will need a kettle. But these are not easy to find when they are gone. Kimo’s thermos is the solution. This beverage container has clean, modern lines and a button that quickly brings the water to a boil.

Boil water anywhere and anytime with Kimos
Whether you want to make coffee or tea for a picnic on a long car trip, this is possible with this battery-powered thermos. In the form of a standard thermos, this cool gadget easily fits into cup holders and backpacks.

So it’s easy to go on road trips, outdoor adventures or even just errands. This means that you can boil water anywhere, which can save your life if you need to prepare formula, sterilize something or recharge yourself with a cup of coffee.

Achieve a full cooking in 3 minutes
So does this product achieve complete cooking? The company says yes. Thanks to the built-in battery, this mug can bring fresh water to a boil in 3 minutes.

This is a good time for a battery-powered device. During this time, you can boil water 5 times before refilling this thermos.

Boil 2 cups of water per session with this innovative thermos
The manufacturers of this battery operated thermos know that you want to share your drink. Due to this, the Kimos thermos can hold 2 cups of water.

This way, you can make 2 cups of coffee or tea at the same time, which is the perfect amount to share. So you could make tea for yourself and your partner during a camping trip. Imagine sipping on your favorite tea while watching the butterflies fly over the fields.