Evolve Kamado Prime Series BBQ Grill Collection

You can use your grill all year round if it comes from the Evolve Kamado Prime series. These grills smoke, roast, grill, cook and much more. Check them out on the Blog.

Enjoy multiple cooking options from a single grill with the Evolve Kamado Prime Series. Composed of 2 models, beauty and the beast, these versatile grills will cover all your barbecue needs.

Do You Like Barbecues? Whether you grill, roast, smoke or all of the above, this range of grills will enhance your outdoor cooking. The barbecues of this series are not only beautiful, but also allow you to cook during all 4 seasons. Let’s try them!

Invest in a versatile grill

Tired of buying several kitchen appliances to prepare your favorite dishes? For smoked pulled pork, you will need a smokehouse, and for an authentic stone oven pizza, you will want to buy a pizza oven.

But do you really need these additional devices? The grills from the Evolve Kamado Prime series prove that they don’t. Thanks to their thermal insulation capacity and their ceramic heat deflectors, you can use them for cooking, smoking, frying, sautéing, sautéing and barbecue.

What is even more remarkable is that you can define 2 different cooking zones there. In this way, you can cook food using 2 different methods at once.

Cold or hot smoke with these elegant grills
Stop buying separate smokers for cooking. These versatile grills offer cold and hot smoke functions, so you don’t need to invest in another cooking appliance.

The cold smoke generators allow the grill to keep your ingredients between 20°C and 30°C. It gives a delicious homemade smoked flavor to foods such as fish, meat, sausages and cheese.

Can you imagine giving your family and friends smoked cheese and sausages at home as a Christmas gift? With the Evolve Kamado Prime series, these can be your specialty.

The hot smoking function then allows you to transform these multifunction barbecues into high-end smokers. This function works between 100 °C and 135 °C, transforming hard pieces of meat into a juicy and delicate meal. You can also use this method to prepare fish, ribs, cheese and sausages.

Roast, grill and sear with these grills
But these versatile grills don’t stop at your smoking abilities. You can roast anything in it, from your Thanksgiving turkey to vegetables. According to the company, you may never want to go back to your oven after roasting in your Kamado grill.

And of course, you can grill over an open flame with the Evolve Kamado Prime series. The process is simple and cleaning is a breeze.

You can also sear your food with these versatile grills. In fact, you can cook the meat to its ideal degree of doneness while maintaining the crispy brown skin of the meat and vegetables.