ER School and VR for Emergency Medical Practice

Do your employees need CPR and DEA training? Think of THE er School, an innovative virtual reality emergency training program. It is convenient and inexpensive.
Get hands-on CPR and AED training with er School, a virtual reality training program for medical emergencies. This VR simulation teaches users how to manage CPR and a DEA in realistic situations.

Are you responsible for the organization of emergency training for your team? Maybe you want to learn CPR or improve your skills. Well, now you can do immersive training anywhere in virtual reality with er School.
This new program will show you real medical techniques and guide your actions with precise tracking and voice commands. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Use real breast compression techniques in virtual reality
If a colleague breaks down at work, would you know how to help him? Make sure that you and your colleagues are prepared by enrolling in the EMERGENCY ROOM.

The first lesson deals with chest compressions in the office. The program provides an example of an emergency in the office in which there are no AEDs.

In these matters, you need to opt for CPR. You will learn about the correct procedure and the correct precautions. You will also receive tips for checking consciousness and looking for help.

Learn how to use an AED in this virtual Reality emergency rescue program
So, what is a DEA? It is an automated external defibrillator, a medical device that checks the heart condition of a patient. It can apply an electric shock to the heart so that it beats again.

Dual Good Life Saving VR App

It is a life-saving device, but it needs to be trained. In this medical emergency virtual reality training program, you can learn how to use one. As with CPR training, you immerse yourself in a situation and learn how to use an AED.

Wrist detection checks the position of your hands
However, the School of EMERGENCY teaches more than just procedures and steps. It also provides practical and immersive advice on hand placement during CPR, which is a relief.

In fact, the program recognizes your hand movements using hand tracking technology. This way you can use your hands for practicing, not holding VR controllers.

In the meantime, the EMERGENCY ROOM can tell you if you are placing your hands correctly and if you need to adjust them. So it is a comprehensive training that prepares users for real-life experiences.