Create Your Bags in a Virtual Showroom with A.bell

Need a new wallet, but can’t find the right one? Personalize a handbag according to your mood and your aesthetic with the A. Bell customizable women’s bag.
Create your own handbag when you choose the A. Bell customizable women’s bag. This line of DIY women’s handbags offers a virtual showroom and allows you to choose from 4 models of bags, 3 types of buckles, 3 colors of bags and 3 colors of buckles.

Fashion houses launch beautiful handbags every season, but their creations may not always match your aesthetic or lifestyle. Have you ever found a bag with a lot of space but super short straps? Maybe you were in love with the color of a bag, but metal items were far from there for you.

Well, with the A. Bell customizable women’s bag, you are no longer at the mercy of designers. This bag company allows you to make your handbag in a range of styles and colors. A new concept of bag buying that gives you a handbag made just for you.

DIY your handbag
Can’t find a bag you like? The founders of A. Bell customizable women’s bag listen to you. Too often, handbags do not satisfy the needs of their customers. Have you ever bought a bag with an inner compartment that is too small to store your everyday things? Or maybe you bought a bag with a bright design, but you didn’t like the buckle.

Now you don’t have to settle for bags that don’t work for you. Just build your own with this line of DIY women’s handbags. You use DIY tricks for your home in order to achieve the look you want. Now you can do the same for your handbag.

Build a customizable leather matter

If you opt for this DIY women’s handbag, you have many options—72 of them, to be exact. There are 4 models for the bag, 3 colors of bag, 3 types of point buckles and 3 colors of buckle. There are also 2-3 different types of straps.

In addition, the Premium cowhide creates a high-quality end product. And from a company with 12 years of experience in the manufacture of bags, you can count on the bag you have created.