Check Maple Valley by Kids Table Board Gaming

Bring family and friends together with a great board game from this week’s summary. We have fantastic, post-apocalyptic and adventure titles for every taste.

If you like tabletop board games, you’re in luck. The summary of this week’s game is entirely focused on you. From fantastic worlds of cute animals to psychology-themed puzzles, these titles bring old-fashioned table fun to game night.

We have mentioned the cute animal games. This week we highlight the comfort of the creatures: Maple Valley and Fit to Print. Their heartwarming illustrations and cooperative gameplay are perfect for winter nights in the house.

And if you need your dose of fantasy, can we suggest Heroes of Might & Magic III: the board game? It is the board game edition of the classic cult video game.

Ready to discover cool games? Let’s go!

The Zone Wars-Mutant: Year Zero

Based on the award-winning role-playing and video game, the Zone Wars-Mutant: Year Zero is a fast-paced action figure game for 2-4 players.

To play, you’ll lead a group of mutant stalkers to the area and face off against other players to recover artifacts from the ancients. Based on fast and furious chaos and an emerging narrative, the gameplay is fun and makes it one of the best board games of the week.

Heroes of Might & Magic III the board game Do you like fantasy adventure games? Then immerse yourself in the land of Antagarich in Heroes of Might & Magic III: the board game. This adventure-oriented strategy game includes cooperative, competitive and single-player scenarios.

Here’s the story: 11 lords are secretly murdered. And Sandro the Necromancer committed the crime. Avenge your passed away or not by exploring this fantasy world. Each scenario has a different outcome.

Adjusting to the pressure received 15-30 minutes? Then you will have enough time to play Fit to Print, a nice tabletop strategy game for 1-6 players. In this game you are an editor in one of the local newspapers of Thistltown.

The first page is expected in a few hours. Print out the big stories in front of your competitors and don’t forget the ads and photos. Will you be the most reportable publisher in the city? You will find out after 3 rounds of play.