Check Biorhythm Wearable Tracks and Health Stats

Respond immediately to emergencies with a small child or an elderly person if you are wearing the KEZ. It tracks GPS location, health statistics and exercise.
Stay informed about the health and whereabouts of a loved one with the kez Biorhythm wearable. This GPS tracking bracelet has a biosensor that measures blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. He sends this information to a caregiver in matter of emergency.
Are you taking care of an elderly person or a young child? This biorhythmic wearable ensures that you receive health and location updates in matter of an emergency. Equipped with innovative technology, it helps you to come to the rescue sooner.

Get real-time biorhythms monitoring
While GPS trackers can accurately determine the location of your loved one, most do not track your biostatistics. And that’s what makes this biorhythmic wearable unique.

It is designed to work when the wearer’s levels (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and activity) reach abnormal levels. If unusual results are detected, it sends a notification to guardians and caregivers.

In addition, KEZ’s patented algorithm can also differentiate between an intense workout and an emergency depending on the wearer’s body.

In this way, guardians and caregivers are only informed about urgent situations. Say that your father takes a long walk every morning. This device can make the difference between a heartbreaking uphill hike and the impact of a fall.

Get video recordings in matter of An emergency
Sometimes a person is not able to get help during an accident, which can lead to a very Peril Situation. In these matters, the KEZ mobile has a secret: emergency admissions.

If this innovative wearable detects that its wearer cannot move after an accident, the device automatically records the environment with a 180 ° rotating camera for 15 seconds. The video is sent to the wearer’s guardian so that he can see where his loved one is and see his state of health.

Track your loved one’s GPS location
In addition to the video, this biorhythmic wearable also sends the GPS position of your loved one. After reviewing the Situation, you can evaluate the actions that need to be taken.


These characteristics mean huge progress in care. Instead of being able to see an elderly person only from the smart camera in their home, you can now see them in an emergency anytime, anywhere with this mobile.